About Kodada


About Kodada

Kodada  Municipality has no historical significance, it is a modern marvel and created modern history of Development. It is a live example to show that how education plays a vital role in all round development of people in a particular area.

40 years ago Kodada is a small village under Huzurnagar Taluka. During that period People of Kodada has to go to Huzurnagar for all official works like Thahasil, Registrar Offices.Then in the year 1972 the seed of the Development called K.R.R.Collage established. K.R.R.College was the second degree collage in entire Southern Telangana region.

K.R.R.College, which produced so many educationalists, Engineers, Doctors and Beurocrats has changed the face of Kodada and It is the root cause behind the rapid development of Kodada Municipality.Balajinagar H/o kodada, which was a small thanda (Tribal Area), at which K.R.R.College is situated is now became a village of Professionals. It is not an exaggeration to say that every house in Balajinagar, has Doctor, or Engineer, or Teacher or Beurocrat.

The foundation laid by K.R.R.College in the field of education is the main Pillar in transforming a small village like Kodada into a gigantic educational hub, which is serving the educational needs of surrounding hundreds of villages.

The busiest highway in India i.e., N.H – 9 is passing through Kodada. This is also a prominent reason for rapid growth of  Kodada. Statistics say that the Vizag is the fastest growing City in Asia, in the same way, if someone takes pain to gather statistics, it is sure that the kodad will be the fastest growing town in Telangana State.

And now Kodad is a fastest growing town spread across 32.94 Sq.Km. It is situated at a distance of 100 Km from Nalgonda District head quarters and 180 Km from the State Capital Hyderabad. The population of the Town is 5262 as per 2001 census and 64234 as per 2011 census. Kodada is having more than a dozen of professional Colleges and a number of Degree and Jr. Colleges. Another notable development in Kodada is in the sector of Health. Almost all the Specialist doctors are available at Kodada.

Beyond education and Health there is one thing, whithout that the modern history of kodad is incomplete that is the Animal Market conducted every Sunday, which is the Second biggest Animal Market in Telangana State.

Thus with the strong support of education, Health, Agriculture, the Kodada Gramapanchayath became Kodada Municipality on 12.09.2011 and running towards prosperity.

The Total Population of the Municipality is 64,234. As against the strength of Voters is 40,996 and out of which Male is 20313 and Female is 20683.